Saturday, July 2, 2016

On returning from retreat, Frankston June 2016

So, how was retreat?
I have become breakfast, tissues scintillating like Coco Pops;  
I am spread thinner than vegemite with the butter showing through.  
I have become the sound of softly falling rain. 
I am champagne feeling the bubbles rise and burst. 
As ripples circling around the duck on the pond 
I ripple in all directions. 
Driving, I am flying, senses spread from horizon to horizon 
the air blowing through me. 
Rolling to the red light, I cease to exist in stillness. 
I am spread taut across the universe 
so the Beloved can play infinite rhythms upon my membranes. 
Delight is shimmering here, and there, can’t you feel it?
It was lovely, thank you.
©Tina Shettigara 2016

[Note for non-Australians: the Australian national breakfast spread, Vegemite, is hated by just about everyone else in the world, probably because when they first try it they spread it thick like jam. The only way to eat Vegemite is to spread it very thin.]
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