Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sallie's recent adventures

By guest blogger Sallie Davison (formerly Richards)

As many of you know I have just come back from a very inspiring training retreat in the beautiful, (warm!) Byron Bay. This training was a continuation of my pre/postnatal training journey that began 6 years ago with Bliss Baby Yoga. This training was a six-day intensive delving deeper into learning how to help support women on their journey from conception all the way through to mums and bubs yoga and beyond. It was a beautifully informative and integrative training looking at many aspects of women’s health and stressing the importance of nurturing women through all stages of life.

It was wonderful to go back to where it all started for me, two births and almost five years of prenatal teaching later, and immerse myself back into learning and thinking more about creating a space for women to feel safe, nurtured and help them tune into their body at such a transformative
time in their lives.

Whilst I was pregnant I found my experience of attending Prenatal classes was so beneficial on many levels but mostly it was lovely to be in an environment so supportive and focused on reconnecting me with my feminine nature. As well as the benefits of working with asana to help with a more active birth, breath awareness, calming meditations and being encouraged to believe in the abilities of my body. My experience was such a positive one that once my initial baby haze had settled slightly, I really wanted to share my experience with other women.

Prenatal yoga is a wonderful tool available to women. It brings together all the benefits of yoga we all know about through our general yoga (breath, asana and meditation) with a direct focus on childbirth, helping to nurture and empower women throughout their pregnancy, labour and into motherhood. The practice of yoga prepares women both physically and emotionally.

On a physical level prenatal yoga can help to improve women’s stamina and health by increasing strength and flexibility, preparing women for an active birth and best possible recovery. Emotionally women can use the practice to create a sense of emotional wellbeing through relaxation and stress management. Pregnancy is such a special time to honour oneself and baby and a yoga practice will
empower the mother, which can enhance her enjoyment through the pregnancy and can keep her calm and grounded which has a positive effect on her and your baby not only while pregnant, but through the birth and beyond.

Some of the benefits of a gentle practice whilst pregnant are:

  • reducing stress
  • improving sleep
  • assisting with pregnancy related symptoms e.g. nausea, back/hip ache and sciatica
  • providing a way of connecting with unborn baby
  • building confidence and trust in women’s own body
  • helping to open the pelvis and strengthen the legs, increase awareness of the pelvic floor
  • learning to breathe more mindfully and deeply.

I have enjoyed starting to explore and incorporate some of my new insights into class since returning from the training and will be thinking more about the benefits of a more feminine approach to yoga generally and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Yoga Spirit Studios offers prenatal classes with Sallie on Saturday mornings 9.15am and with Vanessa on Wednesday evenings 6pm.

Bliss Baby Yoga will be offering an Adelaide Prenatal Teacher Training Intensive 18 – 20 November 2016. Please contact the studio or Bliss Baby Yoga if you have any questions.

By Sallie Davison – Member of Yoga Australia and is recognised by Yoga Australia as a Level 2 Teacher and Post Graduate qualified pre/postnatal Yoga Teacher.

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